Police records certificate UK

We can apply for an ACRO certificate on the absence of a criminal record in the UK.

A criminal record certificate from Great Britain is required for long-term visas, immigration, residence permits, employment, etc.

Your personal presence when issuing the certificate is not required, because the certificate is issued remotely.

It is possible to issue it within 10 days, or to order an urgent issue, which will take 3 days.

If necessary, there is an option to have the certificate apostilled and certified by a UK solicitor.

We also post a UK certificate of criminal record to any country in the world.

Contact our specialists for advice in your case.

To issue a British criminal record certificate, you must provide the following information and scanned copies of the relevant documents:

  • passport
  • a document confirming the place of residence, for example, a bank statement with the address
  • photo
  • immigration and visa history (purpose of each trip to Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and dates of actual stay in Great Britain)

Sample certificate of no criminal record in the UK

ACRO UK Police Certificate