UK apostille

We can certify your UK documents by apostille and post documents worldwide.

An apostille is a confirmation of the validity of a document (all seals, signatures, status of the persons indicated on the documents) which makes the document valid in all countries participating in the Hague Convention.
It has the form of a special apostille stamp on the document or a supplemental certificate with an apostille stamp.

An apostille is affixed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a similar institution depending on the administrative structure of the country issuing the apostille.

Obtaining an apostille for a document is possible only in the country where it was issued.

In addition, not all documents can be certified by apostille seal, especially when they were not issued by givernmental authorities, administrative or educational institutions, etc. 

Our company provides apostille services for the following UK documents:

The price of the service is £89 for any document from the list:

  • Adoption Certificates
  • Affidavits signed by a solicitor or notary
  • Agreements & Mandates (witnessed by a solicitor or notary)
  • Apprenticeship & Indenture Certificates - original or copy
  • Awards & Degrees (UK issued) - original or copy
  • Baptism & Confirmation Certificates
  • Bills of Sale & Proof of Ownership 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Company Certificates of Incorporation
  • Criminal record checks
  • Death certificates Name Change Deed Polls
  • Decree Nisi/Absolute & Annulments
  • Deeds & Wills signed by a solicitor
  • Diplomas & Transcripts - original or copy (additional fee aplies for cheking the document in the case of certification of a copy)
  • Disclosure Scotland Certificates
  • National Identification Certificates
  • Notary Oaths
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Passports - original or copy
  • Permits & Identity Documents - original or copy
  • Plans & Schematics
  • Private papers & Letters of Administration
  • Probate
  • Power of Attorney & Letters of Authorisation (witnessed by a solicitor or notary)
  • Probate
  • Other company related documents
There is an option of apostilling several identical documents with one apostille seal.The fee of certification two or more identical documents (for example, three birth certificates) will be £89 + £33 for all submitted documents. If the documents are submitted for the British apostille separately, then it will be necessary to pay £89 for each document, which will make a total of £261.

In some cases, the document must first be notarized by a British notary before submitting the document for apostillation. This service costs £23.

The term for issuing an apostille is from 2 to 5 working days, but there may be delays if it is necessary to obtain confirmation of the signature or identity before issuing the apostilled document.

Sample of UK apostille:

UK apostille